Saturday, May 10, 2008

Up and running!

Welcome to The Sonic Crib! Sonic news, info, cheats, and other crap about the blue hedgehog will be posted on this site.

First I'd like to introduce myself. My codename is AddictedGamer50. You Gamespot members out there probably know me, as I'm very popular. Ok, so I know you all love me, but we can't talk about me all day, so lets get down to business. 

Whenever a new Sonic game comes out I'll focus on that game. Other times I might host Wi-Fi tournaments, post quizzes, upload videos, or just chat. If you have any ideas for the site, just leave a comment about what you want on the latest blog post. I never leave a comment unread.
Ok, if you are a Gamespot member, then try and find the user AddictedGamer50 and send him a PM telling him what you want. AddictedGamer50 is also my Gamespot user.

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